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Many insurance companies reimburse Iokai Shiatsu treatments in their supplementary insurance plans. Please check your policy conditions to be sure, or contact your insurance company.


Here you will find an overview of Iokai Shiatsu reimbursements by insurance companies in 2020. You are advised to check your policy conditions or contact your insurance company as well.

If you are looking for a new health insurer, you may find the websites of independer, zorgwijzer, zorgverzekeringwijzerconsumentenbond, zorgverzekering 2020, pricewise, zorgverzekering-vergelijken of zorgverzekering useful guides.

Umbrella organisations

VIS maintains contact with insurance companies and provides them with information in order to keep the reimbursements up to standard and/or increase them.
 All Iokai Shiatsu therapists are registered at RBCZ. This foundation aims to achieve recognition of qualified complementary treatment methods, such as Iokai Shiatsu.


The costs of Iokai Shiatsu treatments depend on your therapist.