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Iokai Shiatsu is a contemporary therapy with a history that dates back centuries. It is a living tradition that is passed on from master to pupil and has its roots in ancient Eastern medicine.



Iokai Shiatsu was developed in the seventies of the 20th century by Shizuto Masunaga. It was his life’s work to bring back Shiatsu as it was practised at the time in Japan to the original principles of Taoism. He wanted to return to the spiritual basis of Eastern medicine, that is, to a pure and sincere human contact that focuses on the person as a whole instead of only considering the complaints and symptoms a person may have.

Masunaga’s vision has had a great impact on the development of Shiatsu in the twentieth century. After his death in 1981, his life’s work was continued by his pupil and close assistant Kazunori Sasaki. Sasaki is the current president of EISA (European Iokai Shiatsu Association). Under his leadership Iokai Shiatsu has developed further and training programmes were established in several countries in Europe.

All Iokai Shiatsu therapists in the Netherlands have had intensive training from Sasaki. He also teaches supplementary and refresher training classes on a regular basis.