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Receiving an Iokai Shiatsu treatment is always a pleasant experience. The treatment is relaxing and the touches are empathic. By applying pressure to certain parts of the body, the energy flow in the meridians is influenced to allow a free flow of energy again. It is characteristic of the treatment that any health problems and symptoms are considered in relation to your general well-being. Every person is unique and therefore treatments are specifically tailored to your situation.



Before the treatment

If you receive an Iokai Shiatsu treatment, the following aspects are relevant:

  • Make sure you do not eat too much before the treatment.
  • Do not drink alcohol or use drugs before or after the treatment.
  • Avoid excitement and stress before and after the treatment.
  • Wear comfortable clothes in which you can easily relax. The treatment is given while you are fully clothed.

Before the actual treatment, we will first take time to make a good diagnosis. We will ask you about any complaints or health problems, your lifestyle, and your mental and physical well-being in order to get as clear a picture as possible of your needs. By listening, looking and making use of Eastern stomach, back and/or pulse diagnosis we obtain a complete picture and we can adapt the treatment to your specific situation.

The treatment

You will lie down on a futon. This is a thick traditional Japanese mattress. The therapist will treat you by placing his hands, fingers, thumbs, elbows or knees on the parts of your body that need to be treated and using his or her body weight to apply pressure. The treatment focuses on the meridians. By touching and applying pressure on specific points, the energy flow in the meridians is restored. If necessary, certain joints and muscles will also be freed from obstructions by means of stretching and rotating. This way, tension and cramps will be relieved and the self-healing ability of your body is stimulated.

After the treatment

You will feel relaxed after the treatment. We recommend you avoid strenuous or stressful activities after the treatment. To enhance the effect of the treatment, you may be advised to do certain exercises at home and you may also receive lifestyle or nutritional advice. You will discuss the further treatment schedule with your therapist.