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Iokai Shiatsu is an effective form of therapy based on ancient Eastern medicine. The genuine personal attention of therapists and their empathic touch are characteristic of Iokai Shiatsu. Therapists ensure the free flow of life energy in the body by applying pressure with their hands and fingers. Iokai Shiatsu can be used for a variety of complaints and also helps to improve health.



Iokai Shiatsu is a craft that requires years of study, practical experience and dedication. The name ‘Iokai’ refers to the qualities of the therapist. In addition to practical Shiatsu skills, the therapist has a thorough knowledge of the traditional Eastern philosophy regarding health and illness. This philosophy assumes that body and mind are one and that they are in constant interaction with each other and the world we live in. Looking at people in relation to their surroundings provides a deeper insight into the true cause of health problems.

Shiatsu is a common therapy in Japan and it has been recognised by the Japanese Ministry of Health. Iokai Shiatsu therapists have completed a four-year professional training programme at the level of higher professional education (HBO) as well as two years of training in basic Western medical knowledge.