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The Association of Iokai Shiatsu Therapists is the professional association for certified Iokai Shiatsu therapists. The Association guarantees the professional quality of the Iokai Shiatsu as it is practised by its members and also promotes public awareness of the craft of Iokai Shiatsu.


VIS connects certified Iokai Shiatsu therapists and advances the professionalism of its members by monitoring and improving quality standards. These quality standards have been laid down in for example, a code of conduct, guidelines for good working practice and standards regarding peer reviews and refresher training. VIS ensures well-organised refresher and additional training and offers its members an extensive platform to exchange knowledge and expertise.

Another objective of the professional association is to represent the Iokai Shiatsu therapists in the Netherlands. In that respect it provides potential clients, insurance companies, umbrella organisations of complementary therapists and other interested parties with information about Iokai Shiatsu.