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VIS guarantees both the professional quality of Iokai Shiatsu as practised by its therapists and the official recognition of the craft of Iokai Shiatsu. It is an effective form of therapy aimed at resolving and relieving a variety of complaints and symptoms as well as improving the general health of clients. Our therapists have ample experience and expertise and they are committed to their profession. 


  • Iokai Shiatsu is a high-quality form of therapy that is very effective for the treatment of a variety of health problems and can also be used to prevent physical complaints from occurring.
  • Iokai Shiatsu is a craft that requires years of study, practical experience and dedication of the therapist.
  • Iokai Shiatsu offers a pleasant treatment to which genuine attention and an empathic touch are central.
  • Iokai Shiatsu combines practical Shiatsu skills with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the traditional Eastern philosophy and healing principles with respect to health and illness.
  • Iokai Shiatsu is based on the Eastern philosophy that assumes that body and mind are one and that they are in constant interaction with the world we live in.
  • Iokai Shiatsu is about treating people, not just treating symptoms.
  • Iokai Shiatsu aims to get to the heart of the client’s needs.